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Welcome to,a unique online resource providing a comprehensive information on hospitals in kerala,doctors in kerala and providers of various health care services in the state of kerala. We have tried to make available as much information available to you under one roof. However there is always ample scope to increase the portfolio and we welcome suggestions from all in this regards.

Currently we have a list of hospitals and doctors which may be sorted on the basis of disciplines,and area of practice. One unique feature of this website is we endeavor to provide as much correct and specific information to the users of the website.

In order to better the understanding of various health related concerns that the common public may have we have constituted our "PANEL OF DOCTORS" which is a PRO BONO service being offered by HEALTH CARE Professionals from within the state and outside. This "For the public good" professional work is undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service. The service of "ASK A DOCTOR" is currently only restricted to answering queries posted through the website and providing second opinion on various diagnostic reports .These second opinions are only preliminary reviews based on information communicated through mail and telephone and are not conclusive under any circumstances.

We also are in the process of creating list of Voluntary Blood Donors who may be accessed or contacted totally free of cost through this website.

We also have the option of sending your requirement for blood through SMS to our database of mobile phone subscribers from one particular location,Though this is a sponsored service the cost is very minimum(HERE WE PROVIDE SERVICE ON A NON PROFIT BASIS).

We offer a list of Doctors practicing in different health care disciplines ranging from Modern Medicine to Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and other alternative systems of Medicine. Relevant information about doctors in various disciplines, highlighting their specialization as well as their special interests in their profession are important features provided by this comprehensive online directory. There are provisions to include relevant information about doctors such as their practice address(es), residential address, contact phone numbers and e-mail Ids.

The main objective of the is to provide the public a large database of practicing health-care professionals,health care resources, and service providers so that they are able to choose the services that they are looking out for from their locality. From the Doctors' point of view, apart from reaching out to patients, it is also useful for their friends, colleagues and relatives in various parts of the country and abroad to easily trace them in order to maintain contact.


The website owned and managed by "Anvita Tours2Health Pvt. Ltd" a partner ship concern based out of Kochi,Kerala,India. The organization has vast experience in Information Technology,Healthcare and Business. The organization vision is to touch the life people globally by providing ,accurate & important information in regards to health and wellness.

The Team consist of individuals from diverse backgrounds but driven with the common objective of providing health and wellness information online.

Thank you very much once again and we wish you a great day.

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