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Blood Donors Online

Blood Donors Online Our Mission
To ensure the availability of life saving blood at the time of need through our Bank of Data Base.

Why should we donate blood?
When you donate blood, you are ensuring that blood is there when you or someone close to you may need it.
You may give a newborn, a child, a mother or a father, a brother or a sister, a wife or a husband another chance at life.

Who can Donate Blood?
You should be between 18 - 55 years of age with a weight of 50 kg or above. Your pulse rate, body temperature and blood pressure should be normal. Both men and women can donate. At the time of donation, you should not be suffering from fever or have consumed alcohol 48 hours before or smoked during that day. You cannot donate blood if you suffer from epilepsy, psychotic disorders, abnormal bleeding tendencies, severe asthma, cardiovascular disorders and malignancy.

Women donors who are pregnant or lactating should not donate blood as their iron reserves are already on the lower side.

If you are suffering from disease like jaundice, malaria, measles, mumps, and syphilis you may donate blood after full recovery with a gap of three to six months.

People who have undergone surgery and / or blood transfusion may safely donate blood after six to twelve months.

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